Friday, February 20, 2009

Sharing my home - again

As I was cleaning the house, yesterday, I decided to move the living room around. I have lived here almost two years and never done that. I like it much better. Besides my god awful furniture, that I cannot wait to replace

I do not hang out much in this room. Although, want to hear something cool? There is a TV behind that artwork above the fireplace....yeah, COOL! Oh, and those two paintings, I made back in 2006. My first attempt at abstract painting...heehee

I moved dolls around, so I thought I would share them as well. You've probably seen them all before, but now they are in the living room.

Check out the penny rug under the Wee Leggins doll by Back Porch Pickins. That is only part of the huge kit I was working on.

I shared some house pictures on my other blog, if you want to see those click here.


Cris said...

I love the pics of your beautiful home. Your kitchen cabinets are awesome, I really love the island. How do you keep from having so much stuff sitting around? I can't stop hanging up things and setting stuff around. lol Do you rotate your pretties a lot? The dolls are really showcased in the surroundings--you're right, you should get all your dolls out and charge admission to the "Jenny Carter Doll Museum". I'm sure you have enough paintings for a folk art gallery room as well! lol Poor Shelby falling and witnessing all that action! I laughed aloud thinking of the "cartoon blur" of a cat fight! ha ha

Caroline said...

You have a beautiful home and the pictures were great!

Terri said...

Love your house and the dolls look great in that setting! :)

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh your home looks wonderful, I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at your beautiful home and furnishings. Mandy x

Raggedykinfolk said...

Wow what a beautiful home you have, and no clutter, I'm impressed! Your dolls are all just precious, thanks for sharing, it was fun!