Monday, February 9, 2009

~Neck Cozy and Dumb Dumb~

I started this neck warmer, today. Another spectacular yarn from Kitty Grrlz. I love it. I have been a knitting maniac, lately.

My doll sales are slow, if null. So, I need something to do that I do not mind NOT selling. I can always gift my knitted items.

I finally sold a doll, today. $47. That barely pays me anything but supplies and a few bucks an hour. Then guess what I do? I sell it to someone in the UK. Not realizing it, when I sent the invoice with FREE shipping. (it was free for the US) but anyway, I ended up paying $29.00 in shipping. HMMM you do the math. Do, you see why "I AIN'T" making any dolls, right now? What an idiot I can be when I am in a hurry.

I was thinking about doing another raffle for the valentine dolls and stocking. (I am always in need of earning money to help me pay for fixing the kitties) But, I am not sure, if that would work, since Valentines is almost here and gone.

Well, I better start getting dinner ready. I hope you have a great night!


Terri said...

I know, hon. The economy stinketh and I wish it would stop - I'm tired of the smell already. Here's hoping things (and sales) start looking up soon.

Lemongrass Studio said...

Oh how I can relate! I was just talking about this with the hub today that I'm basically giving my stuff away and not charging for labor, just supplies. But I think it will all work out in time don't you? Keep the faith and continuing creating, it will come back around!

Cris said...

Oh no, that is so terrible about having to ship that doll at such an expense! I know what you mean about only "paying yourself" a couple of dollars an hour. I try not to think about how much time I put into things and just try to enjoy the process, and hopefully I make a few bucks here and there. The economy is terrible right now. I think people are sitting tight till things look up. That's kind of why I started something a little new with the Etsy shop. Just experimenting, you know. Your creations are all really beautiful. Keep it up!

Pease Porridge said...

So sad to hear about the shipping thing. Dang. I would be up for another raffle. I don't have enough to buy a doll, but I have enough to buy a chance. :)


Jenny said...

Thanks for all the words of encouragement, ladies. I am not too upset with the sales, because it has been enabling me to try new hook rugging...and of course more knitting.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I did the same thing years ago to Australia...cost me more to send it then what she paid..needless to say..she got a sweet deal..but we became such great pals and we email each other all the time..sent gifts back and forth..but it is the colors there..great yarn...:)