Thursday, February 12, 2009

It is time to have fun!

With hook rugging, that is. I went to my hook rugging tutorial, today. First of all I must say, her house was so cute all decorated primitive. I wanted to stay all day. We had fun talking and I loved looking at all her hooked rugs. I was so inspired. I learned a lot and got a lot more comfortable with pulling the wool. I am excited now to really get this rug finished. I can tell already how much better I am and now I am gonna have to go back to fix some of my loops. I cannot make the entire rug perfect, since my first part is not. I could always take the entire 1st part out...huh? Yeah, we will see once I have it finished. I want it to be somewhat uniform, so if I have to..I have to.

I also started another neck cozy. This one is for my ski outfit. I wear all black (except for my white helmet) so I wanted it to match. I did not wear a helmet for 10 years. As I got older, I became more responsible and less concerned on how cool I would look. But, it turns out lots more people are wearing helmets. Plus, it keeps my head really warm!

Anyway, Selma is coming over to work on our sweaters, tonight. I hope we can get them finished. I will share that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Looking good!! Looking at your projects...cats...knitted you sleep?!! jk Enjoyed today -- have fun with the rug hooking! Karen

Outside the Box Primitives~Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

jenny! i have so enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing all the dollies up and doing their thing! I saw the tree topper and she looked so wonderful atop your Christmas tree! keep those pics coming.. they are so fun! hugs, robin