Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I attempted to work on a doll, today. My machine was not cooperating, one bit. I think I re-threaded it 20 times, before I gave up. It probably needs cleaned and oiled. It has not been used in a month. I am not that motivated, right now to run to office depot for that spray can pressure cleaner, so it is gonna have to sit.

These dollies made me feel bad as I was wanted to start swearing at my machine. They are all staring at me!

I guess, I will go work on my hook rug, then. I am not in a mood to struggle with my machine.


Pease Porridge said...

Oh my! Yes, what an audience to have to perform in front of. They don't look like the cursing type, but you never know. Hee hee


Denni said...

Those are some cute dollies to be looking at. My machine needs cleaning too. Don't curse infront of those dollies. They may repeat what you say~lol. My cute little Kaylee does. When I get frustrated or mad I swear some so it's funny that they pick up on the bad. It's a good thing my dollies don't talk back~lol They would have alot of "fun" words to say~lol

Naija said...

This is why I dont use sewing machine when i make dollies :)

Marie Antionette said...

Would you believe my machine was acting up also,I just stoped what I was doing and left the house,went to Hudsons,and they got a big shipment of fabrics and craft items.Bought me a load and came home.Now what!!! LOL...Hugs Marie Antionette

Hooked on Primitives said...

That is such a pain, know how it is!! My newest machine has been good to me so far!! Great doll! Cathy

Maggie said...

Hey Jenny.... they do look like they might not approve of inappropriate language..... hehehe!!! They are oh so sweet....

It does seem like more people are having trouble with their sewing machines these days..... I am going to hold my breathe and hope mine stays in working order.

Love your blog.... and thanks for coming by and commenting on Clover.

Have a wonderful day
Blessings Maggie =)
Cedar Hill Rustics

Cris said...

Oh no! I hate sewing troubles. I hardly ever sew anymore because it gets me so frustrated when it doesn't work right! I got mine fixed at Sew N Vac once, but it was expensive. I remember they told me to never use cheap thread. Those dolly faces all staring at you would have been intimidating! lol, Maybe they were hoping for a "new Friend" today! Good Luck!

~Tonya said...

Awww Jenny, Nothing is more frustrating then your machine now working when you want to sew.

I have had problems with mine in the past...

Took it all apart, cleaned out the feed-dogs, the bobbin area and re-threaded it...only to have more trouble yet.

Found out my cats had yanked on the thread and jammed some thread into the "tension" adjustment area.

A good cleaning is probably what it needs.

Good Luck, I hope you get to sew soon.

Oh and all them dollies looking at you in your studio...I would actually love it! Soooooo much INSPIRATION in there for you.

Have a good one Jenny.

Terri said...

I know exactly how you feel - I get very frustrated when my machine doesn't cooperate! :)