Friday, February 6, 2009

Cut my head off, will ya?

I picked up the wrong size needle. I doubt I will be able to get away with 17's on this hat. It will barely fit a child. So, I have to scrap this cute hat, till I get to the knit shop.

That won't be this week. Today, I have my monthly headache...let alone cramps..they usually do not come together...yippee!! I took two Advil this morning and slept till noon almost. Now, I am still feeling like I am debating drugging myself up with Midol, this time. Midol always makes me loopy with all the caffeine in it. Last time I took it I felt like I was high (oh..yeah, I know what that feels like...I was a punk girl in the 80's remember?) Anyway, I did not like the feeling. So, I may end up crashing on the couch and ordering dinner in. I really hate this time of the month. I cannot seem to work on much at all when I get these headaches. They are not even "that" painful, just a foggy-annoying-constant-irritation.

I hope you Friday is much better than mine!!!


Lemongrass Studio said...

awww, poor thing! I hope you feel better soon...I've never had a professional massage, JEALOUS! I get pain in the back, bad. Have you tried naproxen instead of advil? I find it works better...just a thought! Have a fab weekend!

Lemongrass Studio said...

Had to come back after I saw your post about the mix of folk and abstracts and I must say, you and I are two peas in a pod. I LOVE rustic, primitive but I also ADORE modern sleekness! You get it (me!) :)

crow productions said...

Have some dark chocolate. I think the hook rug thing could be cool.

Terri said...

I hope you feel better soon! :(