Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Remember the Cake Challenge?~

Blind Date Cake Challenge - Food Network

Here are some pictures Michelle took of the finished cakes. Pretty cool, huh?

Which one do you think won?

I was not able to stay for the ending, unfortunately, but it was neat seeing how they produced the show.


~Tonya said...

Those cakes are certainly amazing! Which cake won? I would not have a clue, which one to choose.

You and Dave look so sweet together. :)

Have a great day, Jenny.

Denni said...

Those cakes are so cool!! What talent!! And that shake sounds good!! HMMM I may have to get one later :0)

Caroline said...

Looking at those pictures is making me very hungry :)

Fantastic Figments said...

SOOO CUTE you two look at such an awesome couple.. :)..

That shake looks sooooo yummy..

I like the cake on the pedistle..

Oh and good luck to Dave and the houseing project!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see the new doll..

I am not sure what a pegging rug is?