Thursday, January 8, 2009

~New Family Members~

I would like to introduce my new additions. Polly, the older black kitty (who had been waiting in a cage for 10 months) and Little Dana. Dana is a tiny girl, but she is already a year old. They both have very sweet dispositions. They each have their own rooms, for now. Shadow can smell them, so she is not happy...but at least she is not hiding. I have been spending a lot of time this afternoon bonding with them. Polly took to her new spot (my laundry room) really quick. She loves looking out the window from her new bed. Much better than a cage and tons of cats running around. Dana is so warm and sweet. I have been cuddling with her...she is gonna be a good lap cat...that is if Shadow will share. They will be confined to their spaces for some time, so I will be sharing my time amongst them. Dana gets my office....lucky her, huh?

I just hope Shadow does not try to get into their rooms at night. I may have to lock them. Yes, Shadow knows how to jump up and hit the french She is so smart.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news. I could not make up my mind, so I chose both. I am so glad, they are already HAPPY!


Brush Creek Creations said...

Jenny, They are adorable! I read your blog yesterday and just knew you would be coming home with both! Hopefully they will all be getting along soon. Congratulations to ya! Jenny

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jenny! Congrats on the new additions to your family! They are adorable!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

congrats on being a new mama again..they are beautiful and in a very good and loving home...our cat from italy could open the french handles too until we locked them....enjoy!

~Tonya said...

Awww Jenny, I am so glad that you got both of them. My first thoughts was...

Dana is out of the cage and my second thought was, what does Dave think? LOL

They are both so sweet and so lucky to have been adopted by you.

Yes, let them get to know each other from under the doors and when you spend time with all of them, their scent will be on your Shadow and will slowly accept them or learn to accept them ;)

Have fun with your new kitties.


~Tonya said...

I meant to say Polly. At any rate, Polly and Dana are both very sweet and I do hope that Shadow will get along with both of them and vice versa.


Cris said...

I knew it, I knew it , I knew it!!!!!I knew you would bring those two sweeties home! They are so lucky that you found them! Dana's markings are so funny and sweet. That is a really good idea to keep them in separate rooms until they get to know one another's smell. Maybe have them take turns having the run of the house alone, so they can all get their smell everywhere. But hopefully not pee pee! Meanwhile, what in the world does Dave think? He must be very patient and kind. I mean look at how he has to model all those scarves and such for your blog, LMAO!! And now you are sneaking kitties in, ha ha. I remember my Mom sneaking a second kitty in our home when we were little. I think it took my Dad about a week to notice it! ha ha Have fun! Love, Cris

crow productions said...

They are wonderful. I think the black kitty is stunned that someone finally took her home. It breaks my heart to know so many little lives have no one. Shadow will need a lot of patience to get along. Give her time. Love, Joan

Becky said...

Ah I asked about Shadow on your other blog,LOL.Well they have their owns rooms so nice.My one kitty my daughter found has his as well.yes the other cat my senior one goes in their alot.My smaller kitty turns the doorknobs here as well.LOL,when he wants in my room if I have it shut he turns the knob.Then of course I have to get up and let him in ha.God Luck!

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments. As far as what Dave thought....lmao. A couple of weeks ago I told Dave I signed up for a kitty at Petsmart...LOL I did not ask, but he was glad to hear that he went to someone who beat me in line.

Anyway, I told him I signed up for two kitties at Maxfund and he was kind of shaking his head and saying no. ANd I just said " Look divorce me or whatever, I am getting these kitties..." Granted I said it in a loving manner...if there is such a thing. But, I was trying to get across that I was doing it with or without his approval. He is selfish...yes, he know it. lol Anyway, I prayed the night before that whatever I was suppose to do then I will be happy with it..I went to petsmart the next day, bought two of everything and even brought both carriers with me, then went to the MAXFUND and she said as soon as I walked in....their yours! GOD SPOKE! HEEHEE. I could not leave Polly there, she is much older than we think they least 10 years. My house is awesome for oh gosh I am writing a book! Anyway, hubby loves them both. He totally gets a kick out of how sweet they are..see? Men!~

Fantastic Figments said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW They are sooooooo beautiful! And kudos to Dave for being a good sport. HAHA Shadow.. We all know who the Alpha Kitty is :)

The sweater loos awesome I hope it all comes out okay... patterns and I don't mix AT ALL..

Well I am glad all the new members are doing okay.!

Talk to you soon.