Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~My little Poopers~

Dana is so pretty. She is sweet as can be too! This is her favorite spot. She loves leaning on my dolls there, so I had to put a blanket down.

Then there is Shadow...my little brat! She is not making my life easy. She still HATES the other cats and I still have them separated. I wonder how long that is gonna last. I hope not forever. It is a lot of work to try to spend equal amount of time in each room and letting them roam the house at times.

Shadow really wanted my thread, when I was sewing these pennies. I still have more work on them today, before I start dinner. So, I better get going!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Jen I have to ask why you have them seperated?..we have had 13 and have never seperated them...the only way they are going to get to know each other and set bounderies is ruffing it out..they may just keep their distance, hiss and maybe chase each other...I have heard of seperating them..but we never have and not even the dog..he needs to learn who is the boss and where he stands..if he gets swatted which he has several times and even got a bloody ear..he stays away from that cat now..but that is how he is learning...we also put in our two cents too..if we catch him doing something he shouldn't...any way I hope all your babies can live in peace and harmony...we still to this day have some issues..the 2 sisters are alpha and let everyone know it..but for the most part they are okay..they just keep their distance...

The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Hey Jenny! I have 10 cats and started with three separate rooms to keep the peace. I got so tired of going to each room to spread the affection, I just decided to open all the doors. It took our cats around 6 months to finally settle in, but things are good now. The alpha cats make some days rough, but the canned food certainly brings them all together every now and then!!! Your dedication to helping strays is just incredible.

Phillane E'lee said...

try letting one out with shadow and then let the other out. They will all figure it out sooner or later. They will fight but that is just shadow telling them all she is top kitty there first and all.
Normal. Follow your heart but I would.

snippetgirl said...

Hi Jenny,
OK, i think we must be kindred spirits! I am a HUGE cat lover (have 6 and rescue constantly) AND I am an animal artist. I made art dolls for years and am getting back into it again now. Anyway, i was really excited to find your blog. Your work is wonderful and you kitties are precious, of course!
Many purrs and best wishes,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl

Jenny said...

Wow, thanks everyone for all your suggestions and such. Oh man, I guess I am just scared of the horrible cat fight that will ensue. Dana is not frightened by Shadow and she will chase and I know they will fight. Dana is so small. I do not want any hurt cats. Both have fought with Polly, when she is sitting on the chair. If she is up high they seem to leave her alone.

6 months? OMG, I think I would be real tired at that point. I already lose about an hour or so a day working around this situation.