Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~More Yarn and another project~

Yes, I have three projects I am working on at once. I am going to Fancy Tiger to find out how to attach my sleeves to the light blue sweater I am working on, tonight. But, since I had time in between I started a new sweater. Well, I had to return the purple yarn I bought because the gage was off and I need a thicker yarn. I decided to start this sweater because the knit shop did not have a lot of yarn in the color I wanted. So, I will make a striped sweater. It looks fairly easy, so that is nice. Knitting with this big stuff sure is fun. I got this done in an hour....wow. I sure hope it is flattering on. :)

So, if you had not noticed there is no doll yet...LOL I guess I will list a purse and scarf on my WSOAPP blog this month. I do intend to make dolls, so do not worry. I am just enjoying knittiing and I want to get all these done before the weather changes. Winter is the best for knitting. I know by March I will be burnt out and it is no fun to make something and have to wait 8 months to wear it.

I ordered some Valentine fabric online and that should set me in the mood to start doll making again...I already have an idea brewing in my head. Just wait!


Cris said...

Oh, it looks so much fun to knit! I hardly ever wear sweaters though, because I get so hot in them, especially at my age, lol. Someday you will know what I mean. But your sweater looks cute. Are you still working on the minty green one?

There are lots of cute frilly apron patterns out there! I see some cute ones in shops around. Jennifer and I always look at them. I actually wear aprons when I make supper each night. I have ruined too many shirts with olive oil!

Doreen said...

it's the knitting time of year I think anyway..what's better than to sit in your cozy home..perhaps by the fire and knit. :)

Love the yarns!

Have a great day :)

Fantastic Figments said...

You take your time.. I love your dolls but I am sooo amazed at your knitting (I have been doing it for years) and yours are always soooo perfect. That color purple is to die for.. LOVE IT! You are just sooo chic!

Great buy from Gina. I love her art as well. Especially those little mice of her. TOOO CUTE. When this starving 23 year old pays off these college loans people will have to hold me back from buying everything!