Thursday, January 29, 2009

~More home pics..are you bored, yet?

As I work on my Valentine items and prepare my house for a Girls Jewelry Valentine party, I am throwing tonight, I thought I would share more house (lol bath) photo's. I re-arranged some dolls and took out some valentine decor, that I had in my office. I will share more pictures tomorrow, from the party. Nice toilet, huh? I wanted a brown one, but Kohler does not make brown.

While I am typing this, Dana is walking all over my laptop and knocking over dolls on my desk. Now she is trying to climb my shelves in the closet. There so many interesting things in there. She is like a little monkey. That is what I call her...little monkey. She even looks like one!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah nice toilet! are you kidding me your home is a masterpiece!!!..I love the lighting..very your treasures too..have fun at your jewelry party...mine is tomorrow night..the Scentsy candle one...lots of cleaning and baking to do tomorrow..take care..

~Tonya said...

Love your twiggy light Jenny. So very unique and right up my alley.

I SPY your little snow gal :)

I hope you have fun at your party tonight. Have a good one.


Leticia said...

What a great bathroom. Love the sink. Good luck with the party!