Monday, January 5, 2009

~Fabulous Blog Award~

A wonderful blogger friend and artist, Stepanie of Fantastic Figments has awarded me with this lovely award.

I was not sure how the rules worked so I check the last two people who received this award and they both put 5 addictions, here are mine:

1. Feeding stray cats, birds, crows, squirrels, foxes and whatever else needs food.
2. Doll Collecting (if you have not noticed, yet)
3. Lattes (I have a latte maker...go figure)
4. Knitting, crocheting and learning new fiber arts
5. Fashion; designer shoes and boots especially!

These are the five bloggers that I would like to nominate and whose art is just fabulous:


Fantastic Figments said...

UMMM Lattes I have a maker as well. I am not a coffee drinker but let me tell you about my over consumption of lattes! HAHAHA.. No

Love seeing your obbessions!

Thanks sooooo much for the award I will be sure to list it tomorrow. I really like this award (below) it has such a wonderful story and I am soooooo happy to accept it!

Thanks Lady!


~Tonya said...

Thank you for thinking of me Jenny...but you no me, I am terrible at these awards.

But Thank you just the same.


Phillane E'lee said...

Thank you Jenny! How very nice and such kind words you had to say. I do so feel honored to be among those great artists.
Having to only come up with 5 addictions could be tricky! LOL
Have a wonderful day and hug a kitty for me. Boo boo will work.