Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Cable Basket Weave~

Remember that brown scarf I was crocheting? I was having problems with it and ended up tearing it out weeks ago. Then got preoccupied with other knitted things I wanted to make. Well, I pulled it back out and decided to try my hand at cables. I have never done them before and now I cannot believe I waited this long to teach myself! OMG, they are really cool. I only had two skiens of this natural alpaca, so I wanted to make the scarf kind fo fancy. I am giving this scarf to Michelle, my sister in law. It will go perfect with her new brown faux fur jacket.

I wanted to get it started so I can work on it while we drive up to Keystone to skit tomorrow. This will be my first time this season. I bought a ski pass, so I really need to be getting up there at least once a week now, before the season ends! I am excited to, cuz I love skiing! This will be first time with jus t me and Michelle, so that will be cool too! I am glad she doesn't mind me knitting on the way...heehee (at least it is for her. lol)

I would love to get some pictures of us on the mountain, but my new camera is HUGE..and my old pocket sized died on me. I will have to put that on my wish list for next years Christmas, I suppose.


Outside the Box Primitives said...

HOW FUN JENNY!! good luck with it, I just can't join in at this time, but just so you know, I save tons of kittens a year, finding them homes and getting them health care, and fixed. We recently "kept" two of our kittens because they "chose" us...they are our heart!! thanks for what you are doing for them!! hugs, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, robin

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jenny! You look like you've been knitting for years. Really sweet present too!

Thanks for adding my giveaway! I'll make sure to add your second entry. Have fun skiing!

Lisa :)

Doreen said...

Love the cable stitch..I just learned that one myself..I've not finished my neck warmer as of yet..but I'm hoping to soon.

Have a great trip.

Fantastic Figments said...

WOWOWOOWOWO I love this piece and design. I don't know what my issue is with the knitting I feel like I have fell off the band wagon. AHHHH Not enough time in a day.

I love the color is looks sooo luxurious. I have to agree with Lisa, it looks like you have been a pro at knitting. HAHA I should fly to CO to get lessons becuase the lady who taught me before forgot to teach me how to read a patterns. HAHA.

Oh and I love the craft store! I wish I had one of those here..... No i don't I would be broke.

Just wanted to wish you and Dave the happiest of happy New Years. Oh and I was looking are Jen's blog and I saw that there might be a new addition to the fam...meow..shhh.. good luck..


The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Hey Jenny! Thanks for visiting my blog and making me feel so welcome. We certainly share the same passion for cats. I found homes for 23 strays last year. I think your rescue blog is incredible...I love your dolls too! Happy New Year, Kristin

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Jenny,
I hope you cheer up soon. Maybe I can help. Go peek at my blog. You will find something there for you.
Love the knitting. looks very nice. Is it wool? My hands just wouldn't do it, I can't crochet anymore at all. Never learned to knitt I am green with envy. Can't ski either. I went three times and each time I hurt myself bad so that was out. Three strikes you are out. have a wonderful day

Fantastic Figments said...

Hello Hello!

Just stopping over to say.. I HAVE AN AWARD WAITING FOR YOU!..

Hope you had a good weekend!

I will be selling the Hello painting. I will be posting her for my Etsy/eBay reopening sometime early next week. I hope that isn't a problem!

Talk to you soon..



your blog is adooorrable!!! so is your work! i'm new to blogger but not new to painting... i notice you take classes at the art inst. of pitt. i'm originally from johnstown but lived in pittsburgh for many years. glad i found your blog ...very cool! linda