Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~Bonnie and her bunny valentine~

Bonnie is listed on E-bay. Click on her image to go to her auction.

She is such a sweetie. I love all the pink and red (my favorite colors, by the way) She is so precious, I almost want to keep her...but, she is for someone special to enjoy, I just know it.

It is frigid cold out again, today. I guess no melting snow for a bit. I will probably just stay at home, do a bit of housework and start a new doll. I have been slacking on my penny rug. I have learned that if I am working on one thing, I tend to only concentrate on that for the time. I have not knitted for a week now. I really need to finish my sweaters. I am so close to being finished and winter will only be a couple more months.

I do not have much else going on. I bought a laser light for Dana. Dana is so full of play energy. I still think she has kitten in her. She could go for hours playing with that thing. Too bad they cannot control themselves. I am the one that gets bored moving the laser around...lol

Well, have a cozy Tuesday. I am gonna go turn the heat up! :) burrr


Kim Mailliard of Prim's by Kim said...

Bonnie is beautiful and I love her lil bunny =D

Phillane E'lee said...

Bonnie and Bunnie are sweet together. She will find a special home.
Jenny, get a battery operated mouse toy. They sell at petsmart. I got one for Bella B. when she was little. One of my babies that is no longer here. But even picky Bootsie played with it.
Also check out Dr. Fosters and Smith for kitty stuff. They are reasonable for pet stuff, fast shipping and their flea stuff is wayyyy cheaper then the vet. Case in point. I have 4 pets. Vets- 120.00 for one month 1 for each pet, OR Dr.F and S- 80.00 for three months for EACH pet!
Have a great day.

Pease Porridge said...

Bonnie is soooo cute. I love the colors too. We just had about 8 inches of snow here. Looks like I will be outside today with the kids. :/ Cold, cold, cold. Keep warm with all those kitties.

linda cardina said...

bonnie is adorable!!!!

Snugglebug Prim Blessins said...

Can't you make this a give away too! LOL!!! Just love her. Soooo adorable. Cathy