Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~Tons of Goodies~

Can you tell I went to the knit shop? I picked out a ton of skeins to give away as gifts to my knitting friends.

I picked up the baby blue for this sweater. This is the one Selma are going to make together. She picked out a lilac color for hers.

I also picked up some dark purple for another sweater I would love to make. Looks a bit difficult, so I hope I can get it done before winters I love Twinkle's Books. This yarn is very chunky and looks like fun to knit with.


Shay said...

Wow love the colors and the sweater patterns!! Can you come teach me!?!?! LOL My Mom knits, I love everything she makes us BUT, she is MAJOR ADHD, so learning from her drives me nuts! LMBO!!

Can't wait to see them all done girl! Have a great day and stay warm!!

Becky said...

Love the long sweater,nice.

Cris said...

ooh wow! You are ambitious! I could never imagine myself finishing such an awesome sweater!

Sondra Behne' said...

Oh how I love that blue sweater. Love the color and simply adore the style. So many of my blogger friends are so talented in some sort of way.....Oh how I wish I could be more like yous.

Thanks for stopping by my blog has been a pleasure meeting you. I have boomarked you so I can come back soon to read and learn more about talented lady.

Happy Holidays