Saturday, December 27, 2008

Much Needed Support

If you have not checked out my Alley Cat Rescue blog, please do. I need all the support, emotionally and financially, that I can get. Here is a picture of another poopers I found. The number in the cologny is up to 3 adults and 5 babies. I am sure in time more will come out when I bring the food. I am glad this guy decided to show his face. The other little ones are used to me coming by 2-3 times a day and will come to eat a bit sooner each time as I walk away. I am pressed for time now as they get a little older, their chances of getting killed become greater.


Marie Antionette said...

Hello Jenny,I hope your Christmas was bright,although you are worried about the alley cats.I know how bad you feel,beeb there,done that.
I'm going to tell you why they are throwing the cat food away.Most people feel,by feedng the cats,it will make them hang around and just multiply, and thats true they will.They must not know you are trying to tame them down enough to catch them,so I'm glad that you wrote letters for them to read.Better if you had a few flyers hanging around.The MaMa cat can be tamed down ,I know because I tamed one down before.It turned out to be one of the best cats I've ever had.Your cat Shadow is dark,but
I can see it has the torise shell color.That was the color of the one I had.MAMA cat,thats what I called her,lived in the woods,next to me.She had the longest fangs I've ever seen on a cat.I fed her and her kittens.I could get the kittens for they were but a few weeks old.I gave them to friends.MAMA I fed for a long time.I would just sit there,She would come closer and closer,until finally she came right up to me,before to long ,I could not even get her out of the house.I had her for a long time.
If only there was a way to put something in their food to relax them enough to capture them.If they see you with a net,you might as well forget it.Or maybe if the neighbors understand what you aretrying to do they will help in some way.I would call a vet and ask for help or advice.I hope all turns out well in that regard for you.I want to thank you for stoping by and leaving a lovely comment.May your New Year a safe and happy one.Hugs Marie Antionette

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh this baby is just precious..yes ask the vets what you can do so you can get mom and her neighbors captured theirs and took them in to be fixed..been a couple of years now...but they have knocked down the population...take care and keep us posted...
Gina ;)

Pea said...

What you are doing is wonderful!
I hope that more folks will help as well. I have a few strays here but they wont even come out in the day light and can't see them at night. I do what I can with food and fresh water. We have adopted one.
Remember it only take one person to change something and then others will follow. Keep going girl. You are doing God's work.