Monday, December 1, 2008

~Many Projects~

Here is a banner I received in the mail, today. Tonya from Back Porch Pickins made it. It looks nice on my mantle.

I have two things I am working on, plus I am hoping when I get finished with this blog, I will start on a snowman make-do.

I am getting a bit frustrated at my hooked rug. The wool is pretty flimsy and I sometimes get the hook caught and it rips. HUUUH? It cannot be that hard. Plus, my hand is all torn up from it and that does not help either.I can only work on it for an hour at a time, if that. Maybe when my hand heals it won't be as bothersome. I cannot see hook rugging 8 hours a day...ugggh. Although, maybe once I get the hang of it, it will be easier.

I also started the red purse. I am using smaller needles and I made the circumference not as wide, so hopefully it will be just as I want it when it is felted. Lots of projects, huh? Well, I still have not finished a scarf I was making for a gift...Time, where have you gone?

I am going to start on a doll, right now. Been putting that off for too long. Have a lovely day!


Becky said...

I love the banner Jenny, its gorgeous!

Fantastic Figments said...
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Fantastic Figments said...

Looking good there sister.

HAHA I had to laugh about the rug, (not the hand part I am sorry to hear that) but the frustration. Something I just LOVE LOVE LOVE a certain craft and have wanted to do it forever and then when I do it I realize the process just isn't for me. Of course then I am just driven to figure it out and in the end finish the project and only that one and rarely return to the genre!

I think it is awesome that your husband supports you and is observant enough to make such a wise deduction! High-five to him.. Maybe he should teach a husbands of crafters etiquette class. NOW that is funny!

Have a great night..


AngelaMichelle said...

Just found your blog & was looking through your art - you do wonderful work!

Terri said...

Love the banner, think the purse is going to be great - no insight whatsoever on the rug hooking except to say I admire your persistence! :)


Cris said...

I think your hooked rug is coming along nicely! I made one with yarn many, many years ago and it is time consuming! If you look on the wall in the photo of my dining room (to the left of the Christmas tree) there is a hooked rug hanging on the wall. I bought it at an antique store about 20 years ago. I still like it. Have fun!