Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~A little bit lonely~

Yes, I could not find another word to describe how I feel, today. It is so quiet here at home. I finished my scarf..finally. I have not been working on my sweater, because I am supposed to be making it with Selma. She has not called me all week. Tonight is our normal knitting night, so we will see if she decides to come. I am at a point in the pattern that is a little bit confusing and was hoping to have a second opinion on it.
Other than that...I received these cards I bought from Crazy Bliss on ETSY, gosh a while ago. Canada mail took forever. I was gonna give them as little stocking stuffers, but looks like I am stuck with them, lol. OH WELL ;) heehee

I have not started putting all the decorations away. I did move the BELIEVE banner from Back Porch Pickins, to my office. Like I need anymore stuff in there, right? I just could not stick it in a box and pack it away in the garage for a year. My favorite ornaments I bought this year from my artist friends will be going in there own special box in the linen closet upstairs.

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Becky said...

The loneliness is proabably after holiday blues...lots of people get that afterwards.I love that room you have all your things there you made.Really cute!Have a great New year Jenny!