Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~Frigid Temps~

Can you see my kitties ears peering out the window?

Well, I have not blogged in a couple days because I could not get a connection to my wireless modem. Just laziness, turns out all I had to do is unplug it. LOL

It has been negative zero during the evenings and only about 10-20 degrees during the day. The snow has turned to ice. We had mild weather, today. If 30's mild, that is. We were expecting another 4 inches, today...but, it has not come. Thank God. I do not want it!

I received an adorable handmade primitive tree from Look In The Nook. I love it. It has so much detail and smells so yummy. I bought it from her WSOAPP shoppe. I wish I could keep it out ALL year round!

I have been busy knitting, knitting and knitting some more. I am almost finished with the brown scarf, I shared earlier. I have two other projects in the works as well, plus I am gonna start my first sweater, tonight! I hope the sweater turns out right. Just the material alone cost me almost $200. Count the time it will take to make I will have a $500 sweater! LMAO. Oh well, at least it will have sentimental value. lol

I hope you all staying warm and having a great time. Have a good one!


Shay said...

Heya Jenny,
I'm good, we're going through day by day! Dang GIRL! I'm with you on the temps!! It's been with our windshield -9 at night!! I hate that! We had freezing rain then snow, we're up for another batch tonight too! horray! LOL

Congrats on your baptism! Have a safe trip though. My brother lives there btw in Aurora! lol I think it would be awesome if I got to come out and visit to meet you! Anyways, talk with you soon, I'll hold the fabric you want!

Pease Porridge said...

What a pretty snow picture with your little cats ears peaking up. How cute. Love the tree and the sweater sounds very interesting!
Wii is a lot of fun. I am sure he will like it. You might get into the Wii fit too. I think my mother in-law does Yoga somehow with it.

Good luck on your baptism!

old world primitives said...

I love the tree that you got from Look in the Nook! And I do see the kitty ears peering out at all of those birdies and squirrels, cute. :) Stay warm - I am all excited that we just got our first little bit of snow today, but I guess I should count myself lucky to not have to deal with freezing weather yet.

Cris said...

Be Careful on your trip to Aurora and best wishes on your baptisms! It has been cold here too. I like it that way at Christmas time though. I love seeing the snow fly and snuggling near the fireplace. The WII is fun, I think you will both enjoy it. We don't have it ourselves but have played it many times at others peoples' homes. The boxing is fun. I can't wait to see that sweater you are working on! Sounds awesome.