Friday, December 5, 2008

~Felted Kitty Boo Box~

Here is my final creation for our WSOAPP shop update for tomorrow. Actually, the shop opens on Sunday, but we were suppose to have it posted tomorrow. WSOAPP SHOP I am posting mine early. I have a funeral tomorrow, so I doubt I will be doing much blogging.

It is a sad story. A young lady Nancy Poysti (only 43) that lives just a few blocks from me, (whom was a good friend of another friend of mine) past away suddenly, on Saturday. The coronor thinks she died of Toxic Shock Syndrome. I am confused and angry because she was going thru a divorce and was all alone. I keep thinking if she had someone there with her they may have been able to take her to the hospital. UGGGH. I have not cried yet, but I doubt I will go without tomorrow. I got the pleasure of going out with her a couple times..boy she loved to dance. I will always remember her firecracker spirit. It truly makes me count ALL my blessings.

I would like to take a moment to thank god for everything in my life and loving me enough to save me from eternal damnation! AMEN.


CraBBy GaBBy said...

Jenny..I am sure you were a great friend to your neigbor....I am so sad that she passed, Even though I never knew her. but you knew her and feel grief. Crying is not always a sign of grief. and never feel guilty if you can't and do not cry. Your walk amazes me, I can tell you are new to God's word and promisies sweetie and trust me, I am sure you were a shining light to her even if you don't realize it!
With much condolences.

Fantastic Figments said...

Oh Jenny I am so sorry when you told me earlier my heart went out to you I too know the feeling on some one who was not only close to be but close in age dieing.

All I can as is remember the good times it is the best way.

onto a lighter note I love love love the new kitty soooooooooooooooo cute I think he is one of my fav creations you have made I love his little google eyes!

Oh and the background... haha please girlfriend that kinda thing doesn't bother me at all. I change my background every 2 to 3 weeks just to keep it fresh. Plus I was looking through the backgrounds for ideas for Christmas cards and I chose this on for inspiration. No worries.. all good. This all just means we have good taste ;) haha..

I am atucally feeling better thanks for asking I am crossing my fingers that I will get some work done today. I am going to try PATINA on canvas .... YIKES!


Jenny said...

Thanks Heidi for you kind words. I am new to god;'s word, both me and my husband. It is amazing what we have been thru and has gotten so much better now that we choose to walk with christ.

Thanks are a real funny loving gal and I am so glad you took it upon yourself to be my friend!

Actually both of you~ Love ya

Doreen said...

Oh very sad. I'm so very sorry to hear this.


Love your new creations...just wonderful.