Friday, December 19, 2008

~Christmas scarves~

I finished my pastors scarf (in the grey) and decided I would make his wife Pia, a scarf. She will be surprised. She thinks I just got her yarn.

I really like the multi color funky chunky yarns. They make really fun scarves. These are your basic garter stitch.

We watched Juno, last night. I had reservations about watching a movie about a teen pregnancy, really. But, it was very entertaining. I kept laughing about how the girl would talk. Funny stuff.

Our new roommate, Shelby is so hooked on knitting, she said she could not stop thinking about it when she was at work. She takes her knitting with her now and knits every break she can get. How funny! She was like me when I first started. It is addicting. Now, I will probably be burnt out by February or March, so that will be a good time to start cranking lots of dolls out.

Dave's dad flies in tomorrow, so we will have a busy week, entertaining and more shopping, I am sure. The mall was crazy, last night. Yep, we ventured out. I was not happy with my new cell phone and had to exchange it. Actually, I switched to Verizon from Sprint and I am not all that impressed. I hear we get better reception in the mountains than in the city. I do not care about having phone service when I am skiing. I really don't think it is a fair practice to be bound by a contract if you are not happy with their service. There should be a 30 day disclaimer or way out. Ah, well nothing is fair in the world today, is it?

Anyway, I am gonna get Pia's scarf finished, today. The quicker I get these gifts made, the quicker I can start on my sweaters! Have a lovely weekend.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jen,
on the cell phone front..we got rid of our T-mobile as we didn't want to pay $70 a month whether we used our minutes or not...once the contract was up...we bought a phone from Walmart and have paid minutes...We only use our phone in emergency anyway and you can get double your minutes etc and the minutes last for like up to 4 months...and they work off of all the cell our reception is better because it works off of all of them...versus the one you bought specifically...make sense? we are happy this way and we no longer have a monthly bill for something we don't use..(and we didn't have roll over minutes either) it was a total waste..we also use Vonage for our home phone and it is $25.00 a month unlimited calling anywhere in the US..we used to pay about $80 a month and extra for long if you have vonage (and have a modem) you are good to go...Take care your packages will be out in todays mail...have a fantabulous weekend..OH I started my 4th little dollies will be extra warm...:)