Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~Eye candy~

This is the little knit/craft boutique I was talking about earlier. I went there today to ask a question about my sweater pattern and decided to share their shop with ya. It is tiny, but full of the most wonderful fabrics and the same place. PERFECT!

So here is some eye candy for you to enjoy while you are ringing in the new year. Don't you just love all the bold fabrics. They have some great craft classes that I totally intend on taking! YIPPEE

You can check out their blog at
Thanks Fancy Tiger for letting me snap some pictures!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

ahhhh a yummy store! stores like mentioned our little pody kitty..she is all fur and weighs about 16 pounds or so..she is solid...she is a big kitty and she has the cutest paws too...happy new year sister..hey what do you want to do about the handles? I also bought some nice thick wooden dowels that I will cut down and that is another option..that way she can remove them to wash it..and yes they are washable and dryable...just thought I would let you know that..

~Tonya said...

Ooooolala! Love that store! Wish I lived near that. LOL

Long time no visit.......shame on me. I have been so busy with the kiddies and such, well you read it on my blog.

Thank you for visiting and for the kind words. You have been such a sweet person to get to know.

Here's to you and Dave, wishing you both a happy and healthy new year.

I must visit your kitty blog. I seen that, while scrolling through. Geez, ya take a week off and look. LOL


May not get to it today, but I will post your dollie/kitty drawing on my blog. Anything for such a great cause for animals.

Denni said...

What fun fabric!!! I wish you luck with your kitty raffle. I think that is so cool what you are doing!!! Give the kitties some extra loves for me!! Happy New Year!