Friday, November 14, 2008

~What hat?~

It was a frustrating day for crocheting, yesterday. I was working on a Christmas present (not shown) and it kept getting smaller as I went. I took out my work probably three times. So, I am back to where I started from. I am not used to having to count my stitches. Just when I was thinking, "crocheting is easier than knitting." LMAO.

This picture is supposed to be the crown of a hat...but it sure does not look like it. Why is it flat? Isn't it supposed to be curved? I am following a pattern! So, I am either gonna have to take it all out or make this piece into a felted tote or something. So, all in all I wasted probably 4 hours! grrr.

I am not gonna be wasting time,, you will be happy that I am gonna start working on a doll! At least I won't screw that up!!

It snowed about an inch this morning, but has already melted. It is a little chilly out, though. Shadow got up last night. Just hung out in the doorway to my office. I woke up at 6am to a crunching sound...she finally decided to eat. I got up and gave her water out of the tub (her favorite watering hole) and gave her a little soft food. So, it looks like she is doing fine. I am so glad. The vet said if she did not eat or drink today, she would have to be hospitalized...Oh that would go over really well..NOT! So, I am really glad she is better, even though she won't let me pick her up.

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