Sunday, November 2, 2008

~St Nick Stocking~

With my headache gone, now I can get back to creating. I do not have too much time today, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get alot accomplished.

I am placing all the stockings on WSOAPP's sales blog, which will start this coming weekend.

So, last night I had a big brain fart. I knew the sun would be coming up but for some reason I kept thinking ..."I gotta go to bed early cuz I will be losing an hour"...duh I even set my clocks ahead..instead of back. I woke up at the crack of dawn and every 15 minutes after...looked at the clock and thought...why is the sun not out? HUH? So, I turned the clocks back 2 hours this time, and went back to bed. LMAO.

It is another gorgeous day! Sunny and 70! We are going out lunch then over to Dave's sisters to help her with some interior design advice.

Not much else to share here, since my life was on standby for two


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Jenny,

Your Christmas stocking is sweet !

The time change hasn't affected me as I have been up way before dawn working on dollies and trying to get set up on wsoapp.... :O}

My sinuses / allergies contribute to my headaches. A lot of people get headaches from the sodium nitrate found in lunch meats, pickles, hot dogs, etc., and also chocolate can be a cause and The birth control pill.

May you have a lovely day !

Fantastic Figments said...

Super cute stocking.. so sweet. Glad you are feeling better! Take pictures of Dave's sisters house when it is done I would love to see what you guys did!