Friday, November 7, 2008

~Snow Man Stocking~

So, here I am thinking..Wow, got one down..just two more to go. Then I relized I forgot the word "frosty" on my stocking...duh!~ Too much to do and sooo little time.
I am rushing to get my other two stocking finished, today and I still have not planned my giveaway..I suppose I will have to crank that out tomorrow morning.

The wedding is at 3pm, so I think I can get it done...Time seems to fly, though.

The bridal shower was fun, last night. I made the bride a gift basket of 6 balls of yarn (enough for two scarves -one for her and one for her new hubby) needles, and a knitting book. It is a little different from the usual bridal gift. Her mother thought she liked it the best. I am glad she enjoyed it. She seems so excited about learning to knit and be a part of our knitting group.

Well, I probably should not be waisting any more time on the computer. Happy Friday to ya and come see my items on the WSOAPP open house tomorrow!

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Becky said...

Love this!