Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That is what I feel like, when it comes to making my dolls, lately. You can blame it on the economy, if you like...

Anyway, I was wanting to make something yesterday, so I decided to take a bunch of scrap skiens of yarn and make a clutch purse. I barely had enough yarn, but it all worked out okay.

I posted some of the pictures of before and after felting for your enjoyment.

My girlfriend Pia showed me a you tube video on how to knit, last night.
It was really good. So, those of you who want to learn..just search for "how to knit". I should take my own advice and find myself "how to crochet a hat". I started another one last night and it does not look like I would think it would...I am beginning to think I should just knit myself the hat, instead. Or maybe I will just stick with purses..lmao.

Selma and I (my hair stylist..who is knitting now too) decided to make some projects together. Our first, after she makes her first scarf, that is...will be a BIG funky shoulder bag. That will be fun!

I really should be working on my santa, today. Besides more errands, I think I can do it. Your probably tired of hearing it...but, another sunny and warm day. It actually got up to 70 yesterday and looks like it will do the same today!


nollyposh said...

ooooh i have to try this toooo! X:-)

~Tonya said...

Look how neat that looks after you felted it! So fuzzy and blended. I would not call you a slaker Jenny...just trying new and fun things. Me too! I would not be having as much fun as I am now, if the economy was doing well. LOL

That was the flipside of the coin. I am having fun going into different areas, besides just doll making. Looks like you are too.

Have a great day.

Becky said...

I could never knit, Dont know why. But I do crochet alot.