Friday, November 7, 2008

~Riendeer Stocking~

Another one down. It has been pretty hectic trying to crank these out. I hate feeling rushed. That will teach me!

Our guests are cooking us dinner tonight...MEXICAN. Although, I am not a huge Mexican food fan.... I am sure I will like it. Usually the restuarants use a lot of lard and that is probably what makes me feel lousy after eating all that smothered stuff.

Anyway, enough for my chit chat. I still got work to do. The next stockings I am making simpler and will use it as my give-away item. HINT: Kitty Cat :) So, you kitty lovers might want to sign up for that one!

Adios Amigas!!

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Pease Porridge said...

This reindeer stocking is so cute Jenny. His little face is perfect. I don't know how you can continue to create with everything you have going on. My brain does not work like that. I have to say I think Mexican is my favorite food. My Husband being of Sicilian decent does not like to hear that. He thinks Grandma's recipes are the best. :)