Thursday, November 20, 2008

~More Art & No Motivation ~

Those of you who read my blog frequently, know that I get into a funk some weeks. Gosh why is that. I have been knitting a lot this week, so it is not like I am being too terribly lazy.

I am also anxious to start my first hook rug, when I get my table. But, My poor Santa doll still sits here...waiting for me to attached him together and put all his bells on...I am just not motivated to make him. Do I got the Christmas blues? It's not even Christmas yet, let alone Thanksgiving.

I should be getting these dolls made so I can support my art collecting. All the money I make selling my dolls go to supporting my favorite artists...heehee You all know who you are.

The picture here is a painting I just received from Cris of Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art. I hung it here in my half bath. Am I weird. I really do not want to move that kitty in there....he is a Halloween kitty, but I hate storing all my Halloween stuff away, such a shame to hide art. I will just have to have a hallowed Christmas. haahaha.

I also want to share the Fabulous MS. Wynter Whitehare made by the wonderful artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions. Isn't she just so pretty? My favorite is the fur around her neck...hmmm just lovely.

So, anyway I just need to get out of this funk! I am still in my robe and I have not really accomplished much but putting dishes away and surfing blog land.

It is freezing rain outsides, big change from the 70 degree weather we've had all week. I am not a big fan. Although I do love snow in the mountains...that reminds me I need to get up there to ski!!


crafty said...

oh sweetie,
I hope this time packs its bags and leaves fast so you can start feeling more positive again
joan in italy

Pease Porridge said...

I Love how you decorate with all of your art. Everything always looks so nice. I just love all of your collection. What a fun house. Just take it easy. You always make up for these down times by working twice as fast as the normal human on your up times. :) Don't feel guilty to take a break.

Cris said...

We all get in our funks! Jennifer is right, you are "super-human-artist" when you ARE creating! Have fun exploring your other artistic talents, as you are! I love how you displayed "Tree Action". Yes, we know the artists you are supporting, and it is much appreciated!! Since about September my PayPal account has been going toward Christmas shopping for my family. It's funny how now my kids are like, "oh Mom, you sold another painting! That's wonderful!" ha ha I love how you display all your art, it's so pretty. I bet people love to tour your home, so interesting! I wish I had more room for that. Seems we are on top of each other around here--but I don't mind really. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

Jenny said...

Thanks all for your encouraging words. And your lovely compliments about my art collection...there are plenty more to show and I hope I can get my whole house on a video tour for you by christmas..wouldn't that be cool? Then you can see where ALL your art is hung.

Cris...I gave a lot of your paintings, piano musical, picnic, rafting and such to my niece and nephew..they loved them!! They will be getting more for Christmas.

Have a good weekend!~