Friday, November 28, 2008

~Hook Rugging~

Oh, I am so excited. I received my hook rug stand. Now I can start a NEW project. I cannot wait. I hope I do this pattern justice.

Unfortunately, I have so much on my creative plate. I am gonna have to spend a few hours on each item a day, so I do not neglect anything. Busy Busy, I will be!

I am always happier when I am making something, so this is gonna be a lot of fun. I promise I will try to get at least one doll out a week. (Excluding this week..lmao) Happy Friday.


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, how funny to see this stand on your blog tonight! Cris and I were surrounded by these today. We went Antique shopping in a little town west of St. Louis, an after Thanksgiving tradition for all of the girls in the family. Anyway, we came upon a wool and knitting shop and all Cris and I could do is talk about how much Jenny Carter would love everything in the shop. Everything was so pretty. Purses, bags, rugs and more and of course everything to make your own. I will try to post some pics of our trip if Cris does not beat me to it. I also wanted to tell you that your house looked so beautiful for Thanksgiving. I love how your tree is decorated in art. How unique!


Cris said...

Wow! Jennifer is right, we saw these exact hook rug stands at a new shop called Gathering Wool. Your ears must have been ringing, because we kept saying, "oh, those are like Jenny Carter makes---wow, Jenny would love these!" lol You were thought of today, friend. Have fun with your "hooking", hey that doesn't sound too nice, lol. Are you using yarn or wool fabric strips, just wondering, we saw both being used today.


Jenny said...

Ah that was a really cute story. I would have loved to have been there.

I am using a pattern for my first rug and it is with wool strips. I have seen a video of art rugs made of yarn an stuff. I have a ton of left over yarns, I may have to try that some time.

I would love to start making my own art rugs, instead of from a pattern. I have two patterns to do I can get the hang of it.

Thanks again ladies for your lovley comments about my tree! I need to get better pictures of it!

Hugs to you and have a good weekend!

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