Friday, November 28, 2008


The tree is up. My kitty is already under it and I am just hanging out.

I am not venturing out to shop. I do A LOT online. I valet park when I go to the mall by myself! Yep. I do not like the mall. I only go for two boutiques or a Nieman Marcus or Saks. Yes, I am a clothes snob. OH well! Nieman is my favorite because they will validate my valet parking


Fantastic Figments said...

I love love love your tree. (Reminds me of home). And even more the angel on the top my mom always puts an angel !

HAHA I love the little blurb about dave going to the mall.. hahahahah I think it is a man thing the only places in a mall they know are electronics and tools. In the mall there should be two maps one for women with all stores and one for men with only tool, jeans, and electronics.. hahaha

You have such a beautiful home .. love the hard wood.



Leticia said...

Beautiful. Oh I hate malls too especially at this time of the year. Love the kitty under the tree.

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Yay for online shopping! I don't do well with crowds although I love window shopping this time of year and seeing all the sparkling decorations. Happy Holidays!

Diana said...

WOW, what a beautiful tree and home..and I love reading about your precious..God Bless..