Saturday, November 15, 2008

~Crochet Felting~

I decided to make that hat (that I somehow screwed up) into a bowl for some of my knitting supplies and I crocheted a matching needle holder. The pattern on the yarn came out really neat. I really love felting. It is so cool to watch how the yarn felts and shaping it into how you like. I have definitely got the bug again, to start felting. I may have to create another purse. I have dreams of writing/designing a felting book. Don't worry, I won't stop making dolls. I love that way too much to give up!

Besides this project, I treated myself to a movie on TV, but watched it in the theatre room. I never do that and I rather enjoyed it. I hope your weekend is going well. Later....


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

guess what came in the mail for me today..I love her...she is sitting on my pumpkin longaberger basket on a chair as you come in the house..she is precious....what movie did you watch today..Yesterday I finished Steel Magnolias..its one of my small town type practical magic, and baby boom...also a dumb and dumber what does that tell you...have a good rest of the weekend...we got our netflix movie in the mail gonna watch tv and eat beef stew...yummo!
hugs and thanks again~

Cris said...

Wow, is that the purple hat thing you were working on? How did you do that, I mean change it like that? That is so cool! Does it feel like felt or fur? I want to touch it, lol--some things technology can't help us with yet! Anyway, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I hope you had a nice evening!

Jenny said...

Hi Gina~

I am so glad you love the doll! The movie I watched was Phenomina with John Travolta. It is a good movie. A cryer at the end though!

Have fun with your movie and stew..sounds like a cozy afternoon!



Jenny said...

Hi Cris~

Yes, that is the hat thing I was making. I achieved the look by washing it 3 times in top loader (no spin cycle) in hot water, then cold water. Sorta like accidentally washing that nice wool sweater to find out it shrinks to the size of a childs I did that once by accident..before I knew about

It feels like soft felt, but thicker. Historically they would use thick felt like this under armor and under the horses saddle as well as using it for insulation in their homes...weird huh?

If you ever learn to knit or crochet, you should try it.

Have a good weekend!