Sunday, November 30, 2008

~Cozy Sunday~

I started working on the hook rug, last night. I was getting a bit frustrated and tore up my hand on the edge where the little tacks hold the fabric in place. I was working on it at 9pm...that is probably why. Now that I look at it this morning. I come to realize it is NOT perfect. But, it is my first I am gonna try to NOT be so picky.

It is snowing again. Not sure how much will stick. The mountains got 13 inches the last 72 hours! I cannot wait to get up there and ski!~

Well, I am gonna start working on this rug some more...Have a wonderful cozy Sunday!


Pease Porridge said...

Your purse and scarf look awesome to me and the rug looks like it is coming along just fine. Sorry about your hand. I also tried to cut my thumb off this weekend. It is not fun. It is snowing here too! So pretty. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Cris said...

I think your rug looks great! Remember, it isn't SUPPOSE to look perfect. That's the beauty of folk art! Sorry about your hand. That sounds painful.

~Tonya said...

I have always wanted to learn how to hook rugs. Kudos to you for trying it all.

I just can't afford to buy all the things that go along with it. Maybe someday.

Your rug looks great so far. I am sure it will look neat once you are all done.


Pea said...

I have seen alot of rugs Jenny. The only ones that are perfect are made in China!!! So be imperfect. We all are anyway.+
It is supposed to be fun and that is the best part. Never have taken it up but one of these days when I find time to retire. LOL That is gonna happen till they bury me. LOL
Have a good one.

Fantastic Figments said...

Now this is a fun project! I CAN"T wait to see how it is going to turn out. I always thought about doing a custom rug, but never had the tools or know how to do it!

Can't blame you about hitting the slops. Do you ski or snowboard? Living in the Adirondack Park you would think I would do more skiing (well infact I don't do any) I love it (not that good at it) but it is just sooo darn expensive! That and I need new skis just don't have the money for either right now... one day right :)..

I will talk to you soon :)