Thursday, October 2, 2008

~Vintage Annie on Ebay

Click on her picture for the link to her auction.
I started including shipping with my auctions, in hopes to attract more bidders.
Thanks everyone who has purchased dolls from me.
Without you my talents would be wasted on an office job.
What a terrible thing that would be!


Cris said...

Vintage Annie is so cute and colorful! The angel is so pretty and I especially like the devil doll. There is something about her beautiful golden eyes! Wow! I hope your headache stays away now. I worry about you and your headaches. I hope you have seen a doctor. There are medications for migraines that I hear work pretty well. Have a lovely weekend. I bet it is gorgeous there this time of year! Hugs~ Cris

grittyartsstudio said...

Hey there chickie! Just wanted to let you know I out on my Artsy friends list...actually I did it a bit ago, but just haven't stopped by to let you know.

Also, a quick confession...I grabbed your We Can Do It! palin img and sent it to my mom.
Bless you,

grittyartsstudio said...

I see I cannot type well...I image you will figure it out that I said I added you to my Artsy Friends list...duuuhhh