Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Snowman Boxes~

Well, the past has dried, yet the crackle did not happen as I expected. Though, they are still as adorable as ever.
Maybe one of you painters can help me. Cris, you have this one one of your paintings. I went to Guiry's ( a fantastic paint store) and found this porcelain crackle in the home paint section,but you have to use their paint with it. There has to be an easier way to achieve the look I want. If anyone is willing to give away your secret, I would be more than thrilled to return the favor! Not, that I know anything anyone else doesn't...LOL
Anyway, these cuties are available for purchase on myblog, until next week. Then, I will place them (one) on WSOAPP blog and (one) on Ebay. They are realy darling and I honestly would not mind keeping them.
Well, I should get working on my project for the day...yes, more christmas items!


Pease Porridge said...

These are so cute Jenny! Wish I could help you with the crackle. I have asked Cris a couple times about hers and she has even shown me her bottle, but I swear every time I go to Michael's I can not find it!! She must go in and hide the stock from me. ;) Just kidding Cris.

That ranch idea with 20 animals sounds soooo fun. I wish I could do that some day. Although I am always torn on having that and having a place like you have now with minimal outside work. I think both would be wonderful. I am in the middle right now.

Jenny said...

Yeah, you are right, but with a ranch I doubt I will have a sprinkler and sod and well all the moss in my english garden..I tend to all that! Animals are more fun than just mowing..lmao. The goats will eat weeds, so that is perfect!! HEEHEE