Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~Party Girl~

Well, I really liked the last doll I made, so I created a different
Veenas Merchantile doll. I love the fabric. Thanks Shay..that is all I have been using lately! :) I started this doll yesterday afternoon, so I could get it finished before lunch today. I really need to run some errands and get some chores done. Plus, I still have a lot of things to make for next weeks WSOAPP Open house! I stuck my second set of pilgrims on Ebay yesterday. I thought about how I really need to make some money and decided that I would sell them instead of keeping them. Oh well.

I may wait a little while to put this doll on, unless she sells prior to that. I think lots of people are spending money on costumes this week, so hopefully it will pick up after that.

I had fun knitting, last night. I will have to share. I am only making a simple scarf, since I am teaching Laurie how to knit I did not want to get sidetracked by an intriquite pattern. The yarn is that hand dyed alpaca I bought from the Alpaca show this summer! Yummy! I LOVE Alpaca!

Okay, well it is time to get some dolls packed to ship out...Have a lovely hump day!

Click on her image to view a slide show.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

very cute indeed..loved your pilgrims that fabric...have a good one...let me know if you are interested in me making those going to start your casserole week...I remember the fabric for your sister in law..but don't remember the fabric you you must refresh my memory...or choose something you would sorry...spaced it out...don't get Brendas stick...I can't take the stick...:)

LisaLectura*creations said...

Oh Jenny! These new dolls are so sweet! I admire how you could pop out a doll in a snap, especially from a brand new pattern! You Go Girl!

Lisa :)

Pease Porridge said...

Your Party Girl is so neat. I just love the hats! They are really cool. Now I see why you want an Alpaca ranch. I never put two and two together. I just thought you thought they were cute. Hee hee. Now I can just see you running outside to shave one and then running back inside to make a doll. It all makes sense now. :) Love the new dolls!

Jenny said...

Hi Gina~

The fabric is fab, both from Shay! She did so well picking them out for me.



Jenny said...

Hi Lisa~

I have made gosh more than 70 dolls since March of last year! LMAO. I wonder what it will be like another 7 months from now! :) THanks for your admiration!


Jenny said...


Yes, Alpaca is really all I knit with. I knit a big lap blanket out of alpaca one year....oh my is it soft.

Anyway, originally I just wanted an Alpaca ranch...but since making dolls, now I want sheep and goat too! They make great doll hair! LMAO. So, we plan on getting about 10 acres and I will have just about 10-20 animals..just for me to nurture and knit and sell doll hair...I cannot wait!

Someday hopefully within the next 2 years!~


Shay said...

Oh how adorable she is!! Love her! Of course I love all your dollies! The fabric looks awesome on her! I loved that combo..when I saw it, knew it was for you! ;)

I love Kim's patterns...they are awesome, I have like 5 of them but have only made one dollie from them! Oh, I'm off to finish a Santa up! Have a wonderful day hon!!