Saturday, October 11, 2008

~Kitty Kat Make-do~

Awe isn't he cute? My first paper clay make-do. He will be available on Ebay this afternoon. You can click on his image to view his auction. I am thrilled about how he turned out and cannot wait to make more clay sculptures.

It is gloomy and drizzling out, today. Definately feels like fall. Perfect day to hang at home and create.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Jen his little face is cherubic..toooooo cute..I love his color...good luck on the bidding...:)

Shari Kraft said...

Did you see him on the Prim Friends site? Hopefully we'll find him a new home!

Wht program do you use to get your photos framed and the captions?

Stacey said...

How adorable!! Love it! The indian corn hat is an awesome touch!

Jenny said...

Hi Stacy,

WOw, it does look like indian corn. It is fabric, though...but how cool that you noticed that~!