Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Just Sharing~

It took me a while to get this far. I am just now getting into a groove for the day, though it is almost over. Maybe I can work later. I am at the point again in my month to start feeling a headache...for crying out loud (lol that saying always reminds me of my mom) Anyway, I started sewing the heads, so maybe I can at least get them attached to those sticks and then relax this evening. My neck feels wrenched.
I think my favorite stocking is the white/blue snow A little something different. I want to make these stockings again for my own fireplace.

I received my new angel doll from Karen at Cotton Pickin Ranch! I love Karen! Honestly, I needed a new doll like I need a hole in my head. But, I have a hard time with watching her things go for soo little. I had to bid on her. I am so not ashamed either, because she is completely gorgeous and very different from what I have. Besides that doll museum idea is looking pretty good..lmao. Just kidding. Although, I have enough of them to start charging admission! heehee

It does not seem like Halloween is tomorrow. I bought tons of candy to give out, but since I did not get all the major decorations out this year and we didn't even carve pumpkins, it just does not feel like the season. It doesn't help that I am making Christmas stockings, either.


Cris said...

I am so pooped from two field trips with preschoolers to pumpkin patches today! ugh! I cannot believe you whipped up another doll! Party Girl is beautiful! Your hands must be a blur when you work! lol I wanted to tell you that the crackle glaze I use is DecoArt(that's the brand) One Step Crackle. It only comes in 2 oz. bottles--the size of Folk Art paints and I get it at Michaels near their bottled folk art paints. I like because you paint it right over your painted surface, then in 2 to 4 hours it dries with a crackle and then I put watered down black or brown paint over it to antique it and wipe off excess. It's about $1.79. Good luck!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

my in-laws are fine its the immediate family that is driving me to week with them and I never want to go back...and right now my older sister is stirring up the drama pot...and it doesn't smell good...can't wait to see what you do with those stockings...and that doll you won is really pretty love the detail in the face...have a good one..hope your head is feeling "aunt flo" isn't coming for a visit is she...that is when my sister would her her headache due to hormones...

Pease Porridge said...

Yes, I am thinking those headaches might be cyclical. I will start keeping a calendar for you. Ha ha. :) My sister, not Cris, was the same way for awhile. Hope you feel better.

I love the doll you won. Her face looks so 3D the way she painted it.

Can't wait to see what you do with those stockings!

Happy Halloween!!!

Jenny said...

Hi ladies~

Thanks Cris for the secret crackle! I am gonna try it.

GIna & Jennifer

It is cyclical. Aunt Flo comes to visit for two days then abruply leaves, leaving me with a headache for a day or two...It was bad this morning, took some aspirin and milk....ohh bad head was throbbing so bad I wanted to puke!

Well, I may go back to bed...not working with this!

Hugs to you all, my best buds!