Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jane on Ebay

I decided to offer my first ever paper clay doll for sale on ebay....With a starting bid of .99 cents.

I thought about how many of you would love to own one of my here is your chance!

To view her auction, click on her picture! Good luck bidding!


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~Tonya said...

Oh Jenny, can't believe that you didn't keep your first clay over cloth dollie, for yourself. I just had to keep mine.

I wanted to see later on, how and in what areas I have grown. Ya know, later on in life. Plus I made her in colors that I wanted to keep :)

You did a great job. Isn't clay so much fun. So many people are using clay now, the new thing for a while.

Have FUN playing in clay. I hope you do well with them on ebay.