Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~Good day for an Angel~

I put Scarlet aside this morning, so I could work on her sister here. I want to list them together, so I thought I would work on them together. It is a nice break to start something new. She is so pretty with all her makeup on. Her eyes I have shaded with a pretty shade of purple, to match her dress.

These pictures never really do them justice. It will be very difficult to say goodbye to this couple and really neat if they go to a new home together.

My headache went away in the middle of the night. I did wake up and had to wrench my neck with my cane, but I guess it was just tension from all the hand stitching I have been doing. But, non the less, I am happy to be rid of it. (for now)

I have some errands to run this afternoon. So, I won't be getting as much done as I would want. I only have 6 days to get something made for the WSOAPP sales blog. I may be working this weekend then. I hope you enjoyed my project pictures and rantings.

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Shay said...

Hi Girl!
Oh they are BOTH awesome! Love the hair on Scarlet! Just awesome! Oh I love the angel! She's so sweet! Her fabric is adorable! I love the eyes on them both and of course your dress's are just fab! It just stinks right now selling them for pennies. I know just how you feel! Especially when you know just how much love & care when into making it!

I hope you are feeling better today, I think you might have sent that headache my way! hehe! Just kidding, those are kiddos and sleep deprivation! hehe! Have a great day hon!