Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~Daisy's new wings~

~Click on her image for a slide show~

Does she look better? Or do you even notice the change? Well, I like her new wings. Nice and grungy. She has been listed on the WSOAPP sales blog most of the month. No one had snagged her, so I thought I would give her a little make over. She is available for $75 plus shipping, till the end of this month. Then she will no doubtedly go back on Ebay. As you can tell, I am avoiding ebay sales. I have dropped my prices so much that, I need every penny I make.


Terry and Jackie said...

Okay...I've never done an ebay sale...have made purchases yes but not been a seller. Why are you avoiding it? I must be missing something.... :(

Jenny said...

Hi Jackie,

I am avoiding it because they charge you like 10% or something on the sales price. I have already dropped the prices almost 20%, I cannot afford another 10%.

If it does not sell here, then I will be forced to put her on Ebay, but then I have to raise her price to make up for the fees. Make sense?

Shay said...

Awww she looks cute! I love the wings on her Jenny!! I love the Christmas Angel's wings too, noticed they changed! I love the hair & fabric on them too! Awesome job!