Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~Christmas Angel's in progress~

I started these two yesterday. There is still quite a bit of work on them and I want to get some garland to wrap around their noggin's. I have a rusty star for one of them to hold. It looks great with her because her wings are really grungy and primitive.

I am making two, because I thought I might want to keep one, but they may look to good to seperate. They look like sisters. One being smaller and all. Reminds me of how my mom made us girls matching dresses when we were young and were 3 years apart. What was she thinking? Who wants the same dress as a hand me down, later? jeez


Terry and Jackie said...

Angelic and grungy are difficult to mix and you have nailed it!
I just love toile fabric...the perfect choice for these two!
I'm ashamed to say I did dress my 2 youngest the same on occasion...they just looked so darned cute! at 18 and nearly 20 I'm sure they cringe at the thought! hahahaha
As always...lovely work.
Cheers Jackie at the door

Pease Porridge said...

So cute Jenny. Love the grungy wings and the dresses. That is funny about the hand me downs and so true. Ha ha

Cris said...

I really love how these sister angels turned out! I must admit that I dressed my two girls alike sometimes, but in different colors. They were only 15 months apart though and most people thought they were twins since they were the same size most of the time (my oldest was very petite). I love the toile fabric and the subdued colors. Good Luck with them!

The Smiling Goat said...

Hey Jenny! Love this fabric! You are such a good seamstress! You will do great with these gals!very sweet!!


Shari Kraft said...

There were 4 of us...two boys, two girls. One summer Grandma dressed us all in blue shorts and blue gingham sleevless shirts she had made. Geez.....