Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wicked & Batiful

I promised to show my progress on this special order. I love how her eyes turned out and all the shading. There's lots of hand stitching and painting left on her wings, which I have not started yet. I really would love to get this little bat girl finished, today. I am sure it won't be entirely complete as there are a lot of details to do.

I am buying some shelves for the closet in my office, today. I have had enough with all my baskets of supplies and well they are just stacked and too messy. So, when he comes home with it, I am gonna organize! Yippee. I am hoping it keeps me motivated because I get very discombobulated when it is messy and I cannot find things. LOL

I am gonna get back to work now. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Hugs from Denver!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jenny, I love her eyes too..still love the dresses...can't wait till you tell me how its done....hint hint...

Jenny said...

Hi Hon~ I would love to tell you how it is made. Hopefull, when i a,m ready to make a new one I remember to video tape it for you. It its easier than you think!!!