Friday, September 19, 2008

The ASPCA and me!

My little booboo butt just loves this chair. I finally had to put a piece of fabric down. The hair was a nightmare to get off. She looks so cute snuggling against the bear. She is funny. The is handmade by Cape Rouge Primitives. He is so cute~

It is gorgeous outside. I have not been out side, except to go next door to let Baron out. The little kitties that I was gonna trap is coming everymorning at 730 am, then around 1pm and then again in the evening to eat. I am trying to tame him a bit. He sits by the door, cries when he sees me cuz he know I have the food. He is so tiny. There are two huge male black cats that come at night, so I suppose he is trying to stay clear of them. One may be his father, but I know those tom cats are fighters...they will kill this little kitty, I am sure.

So, I have to trap both those big cat's soon. It is much harder to get them fixed to schedule and such. And now I am finding more kitties showing up, now that word is out that there is food here. GREAT!~ Just what I want more cats to take care of. Heck, I do not even know if any of them belong to someone in the fricken hood!~

I think if I had to do things over I just might work for the ASPCA!~ Might as well get paid for doing something I already do, right? lol Plus, I would get great pleasure in helping convict people for animal cruelty! But, I am sure that would test my ability to love my neighbor, so I suppose God is having mercy on me.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

how about your neighbors cat that you told me about ..the one with his little set intact...hes not fixed...they are lying to you...did you capture him yet? yeah I don't think I could do their job as I would want to use my gun on them all...just makes me sick...I am glad you are there for that wee little one...:)