Monday, September 22, 2008

Sneak Peak - Gwenevive

I am not entirely sure if I spelled that name right. I finally got around to working on a doll for this dress that I was working on weeks ago. I love her big hat. So, sweet. She looks so much cuter in person.

I am supposed to be working on a special order and well I am sorta working on it, hear and there. I don't have a pattern for him, so I am kind of winging it, unfortunately. I will be making his head again..I think it is too big and well I am just not happy with it. So, I have put him aside for a little while.

I am so tempted to spew out my thought on the election this year. I normally do not have much of an opinion, but as things are unfolding about one particular individual, I find myself astonished! But, because I want to be right with God, I must not spew out my judgement of his fruits. It is very hard when you are as opinionated as I am..LOL Whatever happens, though, we must all agree that it is God's will. Good or bad.

I love these tags I got on ebay. Honestly, I cannot remember who I bought them from. Horrible, I know.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love her that fabric...cute tags too..I know what you mean about the election..I would love to tell the world who I am voting for..but will hold off..don't want to lose my you know what I mean...

Shay said...

Loving the tags! Very cute! I love her fabric and the large ric rak, I think it looks so fab! Her big hat is very cute! :)
Smiles & hugs,