Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~Scarlet & Daisy~

Scarlet is the color of dye I used for this curly hair. I did have to let it soak for twice the amount of time, in order for it to match this dress. Otherwise I would have had a nice pink. I bet you cannot guess what kind of doll she will be. Not Valentines either. Although, that would be cute!

I am off to a late start this morning. Woke up with a headache. GRRR. Those always hinder my performance. Oh well, I will try to do my best. I never feel like working when I feel bad. At least I got a lot done the last few days.

I was so lucky I had this pretty flower fabric. I bought this pretty garland online, a while back and I thought I did not have anything on hand that matched...Yippy. I do not remember buying it so maybe Gina gave it to me during our swap? Oh well. I am loving these outfits. Yes, more of the style I love to create, but they are so frilly and remind me of my favorite story as a little girl, "Cinderella."

"Daisy" is not going to have purple hair to match her dress like her sister..but, you will see why... One is evil and one is nice. hint hint.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

hey there Jen...give me a quick tutorial on how you put that back piece of fabric on and how you did the dress..and no I did not give you that fabric..it is cute though...hope you are feeling better with your headache...I can't function either..have a good one..:)