Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Those are all the excuses I have for not blogging or creating lately. I am on my house computer, not my laptop, so I could not access my images. So, I am gonna share this lovely kitty doll I had Tonya commission for me. She is sooooo much more perfect than I would have imagined. Tonya is amazing! Red is my favorite color and she has portrayed that perfectly even down to her little shiny shoes. When she sent me the pictures of her finished, it totally made my evening.

I have been thinking about having a big price reduction on all the dolls that have not sold, yet. I really need to clear my house of my creations to create more...if that makes sense.

I successfully dyed some wool for some fun red hair for a vintage annie, so I think that will be my next creation. When I get around to making anything. LOL

I have been thinking about knitting again, it is getting cool out and seems appropriate. It is very relaxing to, so maybe I could use it! Well, sorry for leaving you all for so long! I will try to get myself out of this rut soon. Hope your world is better than mine!


~Tonya said...

It will get better Jenny. We all have off days. I call them being in a funk and I have been in one lately...but I kind of give myself a SHOVE!

I have too. I have so much to do and what seems like so little time. Time flies so very fast.

I am so happy that you love your Kitty. I enjoyed creating her, she was so much fun. I love here shoes, reminds me of Dorthy. ;)

Also, her base mimics her bodice and I love that.

I hope you enjoy her, once you receive her. Thank you again Jenny.


Carla said...

Very neat kitty!! Love the red also. I'm the same way. I've started a bunch and just keep starting. I hope it gets better.

angie said...

What a fun blog! I think with talent like yours you can take a few days off to re-charge! LOL!

LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Jenny! That is such a cute kitty! A great commission piece just for you. I hope everything picks up for you soon. Sending you Big Creative *V*I*B*E*S*!!!


Lisa :)

Cris said...

Hi Jenny! Sorry you are feeling unmotivated. I know how that is sometimes~don't worry, you will get your "groove" back! Anyway, You are entitled to a break, you work like a "madman" most of the time! I haven't felt good today, and hoping I won't be sick for the weekend, since Tara is coming home and we are planning a grand fall clothes shopping trip, just Tara, Laura, and I. Although I bet they will be the ones getting all the clothes. Anything looks good on their teensy little bods! My class has been going well, although we have already had kids out with the flu, ugh! Have a good rest of the week, I think I will lie down and look at my new Country Living mag.