Friday, September 12, 2008

~Gloomy Friday~

I feel like this little kitty looks! LOL. She is a cutie, huh? My first Prim-N-Propa purchase. I rarely deviate from my "cult" artists, lol. I have my fav's and you all know who they are. But, when I saw this lil one, I was smitten.

I found a dress that I started last week or so for a doll that I decided to save for a christmas doll. Long story, after baking her and putting her hair do on, she looks so much like my sister that I wanted to save her for a gift at christmas time. So, I put them both in my closet and well kind of forgot about them the last week. Now, I have a finished dress for a new doll. That is exciting, cuz maybe I can get a doll finished by tomorrow evening.

It is STILL raining. It sure does not feel like Colorado. More like Ohio. I love it.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh that kitty cat is toooooo cute! I thought you made and was going to ask for one..too sweet...

Shay said...

Ooooh Kitty is adorable!! I'm with Gina, I was so wishing you did that one! haha! Too cute! Oh it's been like that here too, just rainy and gloomy! Makes you just want to do nothing!

I saw that you received the Jane Austin series, my favorite has to be Pride & Prejudice! Favorite movie too! Have a fun weekend reading! Oh and you aren't too late for the giveaway & I entered you! YAY!!