Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gee Frank, where are your bolts?

I wanted to share one of my special orders, in progress. Originally, I was gonna make his bolts from osnaburg, but I forgot to put them on before I painted him. Soooo...

Tomorrow, while I am working on my gritty Jane doll and that mole for Gertrude out of paperclay, I may try to make his bolts out of that. I thought if I could attach paper clay to a pin, then place glue on the pin before tabbing it in his neck..that maybe it would work. Wish me luck!

Frankenstien would look awesome with his wife, wouldn't he? Maybe next year, as I am hoping to wrap up with Halloween in the next two weeks.

I am so thankful to this customer who ordered three halloween dolls. I was getting in a funk again with my lack of sales and she has renewed my spirit! Thanks hon!

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Marie Antionette said...

He is a handsome fellow Jenny.I think the pin and glue will work.I've done that before and it stayed.Good work and I'm happy for you.I hope you get more orders.Hugs Marie Antionette