Saturday, September 20, 2008

~Blue Skies~

It is a beautiful day. Sunny blue skies. I finished my green witch this morning, Yeah! I am going to play 9 holes of gold this afternoon. I really enjoy golfing. Mostly for the nature and walking. I walk mostly. I am not the golfer that pounds bruskies and rides around on a

Isn't this paintings darling? Jennifer from Hot Tamale Art Studio made her. I wish I could buy more and more art, but well it is the season to start saving for christmas and such, so I should behave with my spending! LOL

My house is a mess. It seems when I work, my home gets neglected. I wish I could do
I could not imagine having children. Unless they were old enough to do chores...LMAO! So, my hats off to all you mom's out there!

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Pease Porridge said...

I am so glad you like your painting Jenny. :) I hope you had fun playing golf. I am not very good at golf at all, but my husband is always telling me I should go for the nature walk. I would like to do that sometime. Maybe once my kids are old enough to do chores. Ha ha