Sunday, September 28, 2008

~Bethanie and her baby bat~

Gosh, it feels like I have been working on this doll for days! lol, I have. She is so awesome and another one of my favorites. The doll and wings pattern are by Back Porch Pickins and I changed her eyes and added my own cute little needle felted bat and a "fabulous" dress. My Bat's LOVE to play dress up. Can't you tell? You can view more pictures of her by clicking on the image.


Cris said...

Oh she is soooo cute! I love the eyes!

Pease Porridge said...

OH yes, she did turn out awesome! Love the baby bat too.

Shay said...

Oh she's awesome! I just love her eyes! Baby bat is so cute too! Fab job girly! Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)