Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Witch Nodder on Ebay

This witch nodder turned out very fun. I have already listed her on e-bay this afternoon. To view her auction click on the image.

Well, we finally got rain, here in the desert. We also got a tornado warning in the downtown area. We rarely get that. We waited for months for rain and that is what we get...tornado's. It cooled the air off and now it is actually a bit chilly out.
So, in other news. My neighbor gave me a trap. I feed the farrel cats in my neighborhood and there is a little black kitty that I have been feeding every evening. He has be only 4 months old. So, in order for him to survive I have to capture him and have him neutered. Poor thing is not gonna like that and it is gonna break my heart. I may be setting it up tomorrow evening, so wish me luck. I am hoping that he becomes somewhat friendly, so I can find him a home instead of letting him back out on the streets.
Well, I better get off this computer, we just had a quick power outage and well I do not want to ruin my computer...have a good evening!


Deb's Country Crafts said...

Be careful with the wild cats Jenny. My husband tried to relocate a wild cat a few years ago that was living in our wood pile in the middle of winter and he was bitten and had to undergo rabies shots. Not fun. DON'T get close enough to get bitten.
Cute nodder that you made. Glad you finally got rain but too bad the storms came with it. Take care, Debbie

Jenny said...

Thanks Deb~ I actually have a trap and I will release him back in his area. They say it is cruel to release them in other areas because they will try to come back..therefore starving of potentially running into predators.

So, if he is still wild, I will be feeding him every night while he lives under my neighbors house. :)

Poor Kitty~